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If you are providing timing service for an event, why not also provide their race awards? Partnering with Negative Split Awards & Displays gives you two ways to increase your bottom line with little to no additional work.

With high-quality awards available at affordable pricing you can help your races offer something unique and special to age group winners and finishers. Check out the AWARDS & DISPLAYS page for details about some of the materials and prints we can do. You can also check out some examples of past awards by visiting our AWARDS EXAMPLES page.

There are two ways you can provide awards to your races and each one earns you valuable cash to add to your bottom line with no upfront costs.



Referral commission starts at 10% and can increase to up to 20% for high volume timers.

Referring races to order awards from Negative Split Awards & Displays is the easiest way to earn commission on the sale. All you have to do is forward them the AWARDS & DISPLAYS page where they can click the button to get a quote on awards. In the “Referred by” section they can include your name (or your company’s name) and we’ll send you a check for your commission of the total invoice amount after payment is made in full for the awards by the race.

Complete the form below to make sure we have all your info so we know when someone puts in your referral info.


10% off all awards orders placed by timers!

If you would prefer to not refer your race director to us but to sell the awards yourself, you’ll be eligible for discounts on the invoice so you can markup and sell the awards at whatever cost you want. Timers on the order discount program will receive 10% off each order.

To join the Timer Discount Program for awards simply complete the form below and check the appropriate box. Each time you place an order with us you’ll see the discount applied to your invoice.

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Your Name
Approximately how many race do you time per year?
Program Interest *
Which program are your intereted in joining? We'll use this to keep track of the timers in the programs.
Approximately how many orders do you anticipate placing or referring each year?
Payment Information
The following information is only needed if you selected the Awards Referral Program above. For the Timer Discount Program discounts will be applied to the invoice.
How would you like to be paid for your referrals?
If you selected check payment, we'll need to know the address to send the check. Please include who the check should be made out to in the "comments/additional information" section below if check should be made to someone different than the Company Name listed above.
If you selected Zelle or PayPal as your preferred payment method please include the name and email address associated with the account below.