Marketing your race is your revenue source. Whether you’re a nonprofit or a for-profit, the goal of any race is to at least break even. In order to bring the registrations in you’ll need a solid marketing plan the will get the word out about your event. There are two types of marketing involved with every event: participant marketing and sponsorship sales. Negative Split Productions can offer you full service solutions for your event marketing or simply provide consulting so you can get it done yourself.

Sponsorship Sales

Negative Split Productions has a team of sale reps just waiting for your race. Don’t have a sponsorship packet? We can create that too! Using your event assets and information, we’ll create an impression analysis to determine pricing for sponsorship packages and we’ll create a custom packet for you to distribute to your potential sponsors. Check out some of the sponsorship packets we’ve created for our clients.

If you want to us to handle your sales as well, we work on commission so you pay nothing out of pocket for our sales specialists to work their magic. We even provide a single source for all your potential sponsors to go and build their own package using your unique event pricing.

If your business is looking for a way to get in front of thousands of Houston athletes and receive the benefits of supporting them, we’d be happy to help you put together a package to meet your branding and exposure goals. Our sales experts have a combined 60 years of experience making sure you get the most out of every dollar you spend.

Participant Marketing

Negative Split Productions has partnered with I Am Innovation and Marketing to help you plan out your marketing to bring in the registrations. They will help you set up and plan all your event needs including social media, websites, print materials, email marketing, etc. All of I Am Innovation and Marketing services are flat rate, quoted once so you don’t have to worry about being nickle and dimed. Click below to contact I Am Innovation and Marketing for your free consultation.