Provide your race finishers with a keepsake to remember their accomplishment at your race for a lifetime with our custom bib and/or medal displays. Multiple purchase options are available through either bulk orders for all participants or you can allow your athletes to pre-order while registering for the race. When allowing athletes to pre-order during registration you can increase your bottom line by earning a commission on each display sold.

The are two options for allowing athletes to order their own custom finisher items:

  1. We can create a pre-sale product page where athletes will pre-order the item directly from us on our website. 
  2. You can add the Custom Finisher Item as a purchased add-on during the registration process. 

For option one, we’ll put together the product page in our Shop and will provide a link you can use to push out to your athletes. This option is the simplest from your end because all you have to do it market the item to your participants when you send emails. 

Option two will depend on your registration provider’s ability to handle add-on items. For this option you’ll simply include the Custom Finisher Item in the add-ons/additional purchases section of the registration process. This option provides the most visibility and generally results in the most sales but you will have to provide a list of those who pre-ordered so we can contact them and you will have to provide payment for the items prior to any orders being processed. 

Regardless of the option you choose we’ll create a special form for athlete’s to complete after the event so they can customized and claim their finisher’s item. 

Need help designing your custom finisher’s item? Our professional design team can help. Just select the option for design help when submitting the form below.

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