Producing a race or any other event is hard work and there are a lot of logistics involved in making sure the right people and equipment are in the right place at the right time. Whether your racing for a cause or putting on a club event, Negative Split Productions can help you take care of the event so you can focus on your event goals. We can provide full service or simply consulting if you want to produce your own event. Contact us today for more information about how Negative Split Productions can help you put on a first class event.

Event Production Services

Budget Planning

As with anything business related you have to start by making your event budget. Your event’s success or failure can come from not having a detailed budget. Everything from marketing, equipment, labor and staff, and promotional materials given out at the event come with a cost. Negative Split Productions helps you put together a realistic budget to make sure your event meet your objectives.

Venue Selection & Procurement

The event venue can make or break an event. If your race is too far from your target audience your registrations will suffer. If your venue can’t handle the participant parking or course your race may receive bad reviews hurting next years attendance. We have contacts at venues around Houston to get you the best location at the best price.

Course Creation & Certification

For most events, the participants will spend more time on the course than any other area of the race site so it’s important to make sure the course is entertaining and accurately measured. We’ve created some very memorable course but it’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. We have courses already laid out throughout the city and have a huge database of courses that will make the athlete experience fun and enjoyable.

Permitting & Sanctioning

Permitting is an important first step in getting you race and course approved by your host city. Sanctioning through one of the sports governing bodies (USA Track & Field, USA Triathlon, etc.) provides insurance coverage for your event at minimum cost. We’ve got the contacts to make sure your event has all the required permits and insurance to protect you and your race.


Registration should be fast and easy for your participants. You need to make sure you gather all the necessary information and have all the waivers signed. Negative Split Productions can help you set up a custom solution or set up accounts and events within many of the well-established registration platforms. Our partner in registrations is RunSignUp. RunSignUp offers all the tools any Race Director could ever want plus many marketing and reporting tools that other platforms don’t provide.

Event Marketing

The thing that separates race directing from event production is marketing. Event producers utilize all forms of marketing to spread the word about your race and engage your target audience leading to conversions in the form of registrations. Check out our Event Marketing services for more details on how Negative Split Productions can help you put on a profitable event.

Staff & Labor

We produce events, lot of event. And events take paid staff to organize and coordinate the race. We have a coordinator and labor force that knows the ends and out of their specific tasks and we will bring them on for your event to make sure you have the most experienced race production team in Houston.

Volunteer Recruiting

Volunteers are the backbone of any successful event and we have lots of them. We’ve got contact with over 250 schools and clubs throughout the Houston area as well as the support from some of the largest volunteer organizations in Houston to help manage and recruit volunteers.

Equipment Rental & Printing

Traffic control devices, on-course signage, fencing, tents, inflatables and structures. To produce a top notch event you have to look the part and keep your participants safe. Our equipment contractors provide only the newest and best equipment. And because we work with them at many events every year and have an ongoing relationship after 100+ races, we get the pricing to keep you within budget.

Participant Communication

A well-informed athlete makes events that much easier to organize and communicating with the participants is an important part of any race. We have the systems in place to make sure your athletes know where they need to be and when. By maintaining great communication it also improves customer retention. Let us handle your event communication needs.

Event Setup

Putting together a race is a lot like building a house, once the plans are put together it’s time to start building. There’s equipment to be delivered and set up as well as organizing grocery runs and staff to make sure everything is ready for race morning. Our staff and coordinators help make all this possible and we’ll make sure everything is scheduled right on time to make the race as seamless as possible.

Race Day Coordination

You’ve done everything right up to this point and now it’s time for the event execution. There is a lot to do race morning and a lot going on all over the race site: athletes parking, packet pickup, start/finish line coordination, food prep, etc. Negative Split Productions will direct and coordinate all of this on race day. Why not spend the day enjoying the race and let us handle the heavy lifting.

Post Race Reporting

Lesson learned, expense reports, and participant reports. These are all important in planning for next year and we’ll put together a full assessment of the race as well as recommendations on making next year’s event even bigger.